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docx, .eps and.jpeg files. References Category:2010 software Category:CAD software Category:Cross-platform software Category:IOS software Category:MacOS software Category:Windows software Category:File archiversI am attempting to create a fullscreen app that draws circle with radius of current pageOffsetX/Y. However it seems my code is not working and there is only a white screen. I have been trying to figure it out for a while, but as I am new to the language/framework, my knowledge is very limited. Below is my code. Please help me as I really do not know what is the problem. CGAffineTransformMakeScale(self.pageOffsetX, self.pageOffsetY) self.layer.rasterizationScale = self.pageOffsetX; CGRect self.frame = self.view.bounds; // Find the new rect. self.frame.origin.x = self.pageOffsetX; self.frame.origin.y = self.pageOffsetY; self.frame.size.width = self.pageOffsetX * self.pageScale; self.frame.size.height = self.pageOffsetY * self.pageScale; // Set the new frame of the layer. self.layer.frame = self.frame; My expected result is a fullscreen app with a white circle that scales with page offset. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. This really looks like the view.drawRect method. It's a little tricky to use a view like this but perhaps you are better off subclassing UIView? I'm going to have to go back to the drawing board. My primary goal was to have a full screen app with a circle centered in the middle of the screen. Unfortunately, the drawRect is not working for the view. I will just need to subclass UIView and make my own view. Thank you for the info. I did try subclassing, but the problem is it is not responsive, and this is a game so I need a game controller to move the pageOffset. I think it is a problem with the device rotation. The circle gets smaller and smaller as the screen size gets bigger and bigger. So, I want it to be a circle centered in the middle of the




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Xforce Keygen A360 2008 64bit Free Download

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